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what did I miss? [POSTED ON November 16, 2017 @ 10:34 pm]


So I went on a short hiatus for a bit as between the RL being crazy (switching jobs is hard) and RP life being complicated (Seb is not the easiest person to write at times), a 2 week break was needed. I'm looking for lines, with new and old folks to try and get this guy back into gear. He's almost a 31 year old, NYC ballet primo dancer. He's originally from Montreal, but lived everywhere from Seoul, South Korea to Paris, France to Switzerland. He's an avid hiker and athlete, so any and all connections along those lines are welcome.

And everyone: please bear with me as I return to the land of the living.

Mid-week Free For All! [POSTED ON November 15, 2017 @ 1:24 pm]


Happy Wednesday!

Let’s get social! Put your name in the subject line, answer some questions, tell us something, ask us something, do as you wish! Since it’s Hump Day, make it as sexual (or nonsexual) as you want!

Possibly NSFW image )

Today’s free for all is open to the anonymous! Feel free to challenge one another to a game of Truth or Dare, unleash those confessions, go wild! Remember to be considerate, though!

🏳️‍🌈  If you’re able, please consider donating to Ali Forney Center whose mission is to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently. AFC has been heralded for their full continuum of care approach to services for LGBTQ homeless youth. AFC's founder, Carl Siciliano, was named a White House Champion of Change by President Obama citing the wide recognition AFC's programs have received for their quality and innovation.

❤️  Tremendous thanks to the beautiful newlyweds, Rielly and Evie for both making a donation to AFC for my birthday and bringing the organization to my attention!

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